Danshuis Station Zuid Tilburg [NL]

  Dance House of transition
  and innovation

  As the name indicates, Danshuis 
  Station Zuid is a transitional space where choreographers and dancers can come together to create and grow. Danshuis Station Zuid (DSZ) produces and presents appealing and exciting contemporary dance performances for wide and diverse audiences. It offers new and refreshing ways for audiences to become acquainted with dance art, brings the professional dance sector and the amateur field closer together, encourages the development of dancers and choreographers and provides guidance and coaching.

Danshuis Station Zuid was established in 2005 under the guidance of Marc Vlemmix to create a place for itself in the national and international dance field from its base in the in the south of Holland. DSZ is devoted to making a stronger dance climate and network for both professionals and amateurs aimed at production, talent and audience development. One of its aims is to broaden its audience base and make it more diverse.

As one of five dance institutions in the national cultural infrastructure, DSZ provides the southern parts of the country with innovative dance repertoire. Innovation and talent development are our spear points in the creation of a high-quality artistic product that reaches across traditional boundaries and is developed in international collaboration. As of 2009, Pia Meuthen and Itamar Serussi Sahar have been appointed as Danshuis Station Zuid’s own house choreographer.

Danshuis Station Zuid goes the extra mile to appeal to a broader audiences. It organizes special events such as “Meet and Greet” where the public meets and greets the choreographer and dancers. The Mini Dance Island is a multi-media information stand that can be set up at performance venues. And in order to fire up the fun and passion in dancing, we have drawn up a program of workshops for amateur dancers and anyone who is interested. To give an example, DSZ can offer a quick course in watching, experiencing, and creating dance. Especially for dance amateurs and dance teachers, there are a number of workshops (Go With That Flow!, One Day Workshop, and Workshop On The Go) in which we work with dance material and repertoire from Danshuis Station Zuid. These workshops offer participants the opportunity to work with the dance house’s professionals for up to a whole day at a venue in their own neighbourhood.

One of our most unique projects is the Mobile Dance House. Consisting of two different sized domes that arise from the ground by pumping air into its walls. It affords DSZ the opportunity to bring dance to the public’s doorstep. Providing two separate stages for performances and workshops, the Mobile Dance House is the perfect way to make the theatre environment more accessible and entice a broader and younger audience into participating in the world of contemporary dance. As part of Tilburg Dansstad (Tilburg city of Dance), we organise the yearly occurring Oktober Dance Month and Dansnacht (Dance Night).

Danstraining Brabant, part of Danshuis Station Zuid, organises daily dance classes open to professional dancers (all career levels welcome) and dance teachers. For our ballet and modern classes we often attract teachers who also teach at one of the other open professional studio's in The Netherlands.

Danshuis Station Zuid has also developed BASE4DANCE. Using the method BASE4DANCE, you become aware of the correct movement patterns and how you can change your physical consciousness. It encourages your dancing methodology with a sense of peace and stability. With an increased awareness of your movements, health and fitness you can achieve a higher level. To learn to move efficiently and safely is the goal of BASE4DANCE method.

Recently Danshuis Station Zuid has moved to a converted factory building: an inspirational (inter)national meeting and workspace for dance. A great new place in a renovated factory: light, transparent and generous with everything under one roof. The dance lover is frequently invited to attend rehearsals and public presentations.