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Latest commisioned research on the dance and well-being, virtualised dance, dance and mobility, EDN's work accross borders ...

European Dancehouse Network

What does EDN stand for?

Our mission and vision

EDN is a network for trust and cooperation between European dancehouses sharing a common vision regarding the development of dance art across borders.

EDN news

EDN Announces Atelier "Equity in Dance: What Challenges?"

22-23 March 2023

The Atelier is hosted by the EDN member la briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne. Registration is open to both EDN members and non-EDN members.


SHIFTing towards eco practices: the European cultural networks take lead

30 January 2023

Participating 15 European cultural networks aim to get eco-certified by the end of 2023.


International Dance Platforms and Festivals in 2023 & 2024

What is happening in 2023 & 2024? Platforms, festivals and other international events.


EDN Activities in 2023

February - May 2023

The European Dancehouse Network continues its EU-funded EDNext 2022-2024 programme with the theme of equity explored through activities co-organised and hosted by EDN members in 2023.


EDN Releases the Publication "Environmental Sustainability in Contemporary Dance: Emerging Issues, Practices and Recommendations."

15 November 2022

The publication provides the context, references and examples of where and how dance intersects with environmental sustainability, and which set of actions can lead to effective action. Both executive summary and full publication are available for download.

Members news

News from EDN members | February 2023

See what EDN members are doing in February 2023.


la briqueterie Announces the 22nd Biennale de danse du Val-de-Marne

9 March - 6 April 2023

The organisers invite you to discover a great diversity of works brought together in three porous and intertwined components: celebration, transmission and imagination.


What Next Dance Festival 2023

8-11 February 2023

Moving the New Artist Residency Programme

Dance House Lemesos announces the call for Moving the New artist residency programme. The programme is open to artists or groups of artists from Cyprus or abroad, active in the field of choreography/performance/physical theatre.

International news

Online Questionnaire "Needs of Choreographers and Dance Professionals"

The questionnaire aims to identify the current state of practise of creation with amateur dancers in contemporary dance across Europe.


Creative Europe Opens Call for Cooperation Projects

17 November 2022 - 23 February 2023

The call will support projects to carry out a broad spectrum of activities and initiatives involving artists and stakeholders active in different cultural and creative sectors.


Perform Europe's Documentary Published

20 October 2022

With contributions from 19 Perform Europe's partnerships, consortium and jury members, the consortium consisted of IETM - International network for contemporary performing arts, the European Festivals Association (EFA), Circostrada Network, European Dancehouse Network and IDEA Consult created the Perform Europe’s Documentary, which aims to reflect and unravel the impact that taking part in the Perform Europe pilot had on the partnerships and the communities to which they toured, as well as look behind the scenes at the Perform Europe journey and selection process.



Culture Moves Europe

Culture Moves Europe is a scheme that supports the mobility of artists, creators and cultural professionals. The first call for artists and cultural professionals will be published in October.