Team & Contact


EDN is coordinated by a team of motivated and caring individuals, each situated in their own region of Europe. The EDN office theam can be contacted at

Eva Broberg

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Network Manager

Eva coordinates EDN's vision and strategy with the Board of Directors and oversees its implementation, ensuring that EDN is a responsive, forward-looking, and highly relevant network for the dance field in a global environment.

Contact Eva via email.



Christoph Bovermann

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Artistic Project Manager

Christoph works as a dramaturge on the content and conception of the network's activities and manages the development, production and implementation of EDN's programme.

Contact Christoph via email.



Gebra Serra i Bosch

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Financial and Administration Manager

Gebra manages all EDN's financial and administration affairs.

Contact Gebra via email.




Gaja Lužnik

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Communication & Dissemination Manager

Gaja takes care of EDN's communication and dissemination activities and edits and coordinates the network's campaigns, research and publications.

Contact Gaja via email.