EDN office and Board of Directors invited members to the online seminar on 14 January 2022. The seminar with keynote speaker Judith Knight (founder and former director of Artsadmin), explored the topic of ecological sustainability in the context of 2022 EDNext activities.


Short Report

Seminar was dedicated to our activities 2022 and our theme of sustainability. EDN members had the pleasure of getting physically ready with a movement exercise by choreographer Mariela Nestora, followed by an inspirational expert speech by Judith Knight, founder of ArtsAdmin in London.

As the theme for 2022 is "Sustainability" (in connection of ecology), Duncan Dance Center in Athens will host an atelier from artistic practice perspective through the design of permaculture and Derida Dance Center in Sofia will approach the theme from an institutional production perspective, asking questions about the material being produced, how partnerships are being formed or how new technology impose new needs of skills. 

For the two breakout rooms we had invited two artists to join EDN members, Mariela Nestora and Jivko Jeliazkov to brainstorm the first concepts further with ideas, questions, recommendations etc.

Ateliers 2022 Breakout Room 1 (Duncan Dance Centre & Mariela Nestora, facilitated by Eva Broberg)
Ateliers 2022 Breakout Room 2 (Derida Dance Centre & Jivko Jeliazkov, facilitated by Rok Avbar)