Guiding principles

AREAL | space for choreographic development is an artists-run-space launched in March 2021 and co-directed by 4 choreographers - Alexandra Bălășoiu, Cristina Lilienfeld, Valentina De Piante Nicolae and Cosmin Manolescu. The dance house is centrally located in the city of Bucharest, has 300 sq. meters, 2 dance studios, office and a lounge and is currently organising dance workshops for artists and audience and offers space for rehearsals and residencies. AREAL is administrated by AREAL DANS SRL and is a program co-founded for 2021/2022 by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

Mission and vision

AREAL is a collective initiative and space open to research and collaboration which supports artistic creation, professional development and the dialogue between artists, public and the contemporary dance scene. The space creates contexts, provides resources and supports the mobility of professional dance makers with a view to the development of the contemporary dance sector in Bucharest in connection with the European dance scene. 

AREAL believes that the artists and the art of dance have the capacity to trigger new cognitive, emotional and movement-based processes, with an important role in transforming people and societies.

The values of AREAL are research, creative processes in studio, mobility, interdisciplinarity, international collaboration and exchanges, alternative education, awareness, well-being, time for reflection and dialogue space between, choreographers, teachers and the public.

Strada Anastasie Simu 2