Guiding principles

CND’s goal is to offer an increasing range of services to dance professionals, with an emphasis on its role as a resource centre and on building partnerships in the regional France and Europe.

Its 3 key missions are:

  • Training and professional services
  • Heritage protection
  • Artistic creation


CND was founded in 1998 and it has been based in Pantin since 2004. Its responsibilities, as defined by a Statutory Order of 1998, focus on choreographic landscape that has evolved over the years, within which the CND has grown and “matured”.

Building and facilities

Since 2004 CND is located in Pantin, on the outskirts of Paris, within the town’s former civic offices situated on the banks of the Ourcq canal. This imposing building, designed by architect Jacques Kalisz in 1972, was awarded the Équerre d’Argent prize for renovation in 2004. The successful fusion between original architecture and renovation gives the building its unique identity and ambiance within the 7000 m² of available space, specifically designed for dance professionals. It is a comfortable, fully renovated building with 12 dance studios, 3 of which stage public performances, a multimedia library with collections ranging from rare and original works to documents with general public appeal, a film/projection theatre and a café.

Assistance is provided for orientation around the building, as well as information on specialist resources, individual interviews, access to data files, computer facilities, and so forth. A lounge area enables members of the public to keep in touch with news and currents events, with access to publications and an atrium area with live viewing facilities to watch activities and events held in the Large Studio.

1, rue Victor Hugo