Guiding principles

CSC is a dynamic dance house, dedicated to the development of the culture of contemporary dance and creation. It is a residency center for individual artists or dance companies elaborating their own experimental and research projects, a home for research and artistic development, a platform for the presentation of national and international works, a forum for the exchange of critical responses, discourses and ideas among artists, the public and members of the local community and an environmental frame for installations, site-specific works and other interdisciplinary projects.


CSC Garage Nardini used to be a distillery owned by the Nardini family, one of the oldest grappa producers in Europe. It became a garage and then was closed down for years. In 2008 the Nardini family offered the venue to the Municipality of Bassano as a space to promote projects, activities and initiatives in the field of dance.

Recently the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa undertook the renovation of the San Bonaventura church. The church of the old hospital of the city was deconsacrated when a new building was created in a different area of the town. Retaining its original architecture, it is now called CSC San Bonaventura and  has become a space for the performing arts, for  hosting residencies and performances.

Teatro Remondini is a traditional Italian style theatre. It hosts mainly the presentation of dance works with occasional residencies and dance workshops.

Building and facilities

CSC is housed in 3 unique buildings, all located at walking distance in the city centre of Bassano del Grappa: CSC Garage Nardini (99 seats), CSC San Bonaventura (140 seats) and Teatro Remondini (442 seats).

More information

Other activities: next to the regular activities of residencies and production, CSC organises a yearly festival taking over the city of Bassano del Grappa, B.Motion.

Via Torino, 7
Bassano del Grappa