Guiding principles

Dansehallerne is a national platform and a leading institution for contemporary choreographic performative art. Dansehallerne is a crossroad where conventions are broken and resistance is pushed aside in favour of new adventures, thoughts and statements through the contemporary choreographic performative arts.

Dansehallerne provides meeting places for everyone interested in experiencing choreographic practices, research processes and critical debate and will take a leading position in the development of new formats for public events, interactive and creative activities for all ages.

Dansehallerne offers:

  • performances and other events that takes place in traditional and alternative venues, in spatial as well as conceptual locations, in digital format and in projects where audiences and participants engage in co-creation.
  • premises for rehearsals, artistic developing work and residencies.
  • supports the research that strengthens the representativity of contemporary choreographic performative arts, innovation and societal progress.
  • nationwide activities related to contemporary choreographic performative art for children and youth.

Development of Dansehallerne


Dansehallerne opened in August 2009 with lots of events. More than 5000 people visited Dansehallerne to see how the dance was arranged in one of the old buildings of the Carlsberg's mineral water boiling factory.

In 2012 it was decided that Dansens Hus and Dansescenen should merge under the name Dansehallerne as a non-profit organization, supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Copenhagen. Both Dansens Hus and the venue Dansescenen existed years before we were joined in the same building at the Carlsberg area. Dansescenen was founded in 1991 and Dansens Hus has existed since year 2000.

In autumn 2014 there was a series of major changes in Dansehallerne. Dansehallerne lost its lease contract and stood without a management team; a period of reconstruction began.

From 2016 Dansehallerne has undergone a period of reorganization and a new strategic plan has been worked out in cooperation with artists, partners and staff. New fields of cooperation are developing, artists becoming even more involved and active in curating works for our institution. In 2017 Dansehallerne signed a new basic agreement, which shows continued support and trust from the Danish state and the City of Copenhagen. 2017 was also the year when Dansehallerne had to leave its temporary premises in Carlsberg byen for temporary office space at H.C. Andersens Boulevard 25, 3. / Cph V.

Dansehallernes Administration moves to H.C. Andersens Boulevard 25, 3., 1553 Cph V. Performances and events still take place at different locations in Copenhagen and all over the country.

Building and facilities

Dansehallerne was situated in Carlsberg’s old mineral water boiling factory in the heart of Copenhagen. It had 2 stages with a capacity of 204 and 73 seats, an informal foyer stage and a laboratory stage, as well as 7 fully equipped studios. After Dansehallerne lost its lease, the administration moved to different locations.

From its office Dansehallerne's team continues its work, producing events, seminars and other activities within the sector of attractive choreographic performative arts, at this time on alternative venues, in art galleries, in the open air around Copenhagen and all over the country. This until a final decision on the future localisation of Dansehallerne is reached.

One possibility would be to move the new premises in Kedelhuset (a former heating plant for the Carlsberg breweries, here in picture) in central Copenhagen. From then on the team will be able to welcome artists, audiences and the public to premises specifically designed for innovative work and new, interactive performances and formats.

H.C. Andersens Boulevard 25,

Innovative Leadership Network

April 2018 to October 2020

Working on sustainable practices in order to challenge status quo

ILN is a Nordic cross-disciplinary platform working towards enabling artists to become leaders, developing innovative methods for artistic research activities and more.


Audience Development toolkit

October 2019

Practical guidance to dance organisations

Aerowaves and audience development expert Heather Maitland have compiled an Audience Development toolkit to give practical guidance to dance organisations, using international research and case studies from Aerowaves partners.


Dancing your way to better health & well-being

November 2019

A new report by the World Health Organisation

This report synthesizes the global evidence from over 900 publications on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being, with a specific focus on the WHO European Region.


Producers' Academy

Deadline: 2 February 2020

Apply for its fifth edition

Featuring workshops, talks, lectures and meeting sessions, the Academy will be organised by CIFAS in the frame of Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels and run 10-13 May 2020.

Activities EDN


Modul-dance was a multi-annual cooperation project with the participation of 20 European dance houses from 16 countries. Its main aim was to support development, mobility and exchange for dance artists.

Summary list

Outreach India

The first EDN Outreach took place from February 6th to 12th 2015. A representation of 7 EDN members travelled to India under the invitation of Attakkalari coinciding with the celebration of the Attakkalari India Biennial.

Summary list