Guiding principles

ICK Dans Amsterdam supports the development of young choreographic talent with a dance production house: ICK Artist Space. Here, a new generation of dance makers is given the opportunity to experiment, create and present themselves. They do this from their own perspective on the body in all its diversity, strength and vulnerability. We believe in the unicity of each artist and therefore offer tailer-made trajectories for research and creation. Dance makers with ambition for large venues need a different path than those who are still orientating themselves. We stimulate the exchange and work closely with the Company and the Academy of ICK (International Choreographic Arts Centre). ICK Artist Space offers long-term residencies to approximately 4 Artists in Residence and short-term residencies to a selection of 8-10 guest-artists per year. We also organize context programs, workshops, master classes and festivals.


ICK Dans Amsterdam (International Choreographic Arts Centre) is the City Company and Dance production house in Amsterdam. This platform for contemporary dance was founded in 2009 by Emio Greco|Pieter C. Scholten. They have been working together for more than 25 years in their search for a new dance language and a new approach to the body. ICK is built on three pillars: ICK Company (producing international dance performances), ICK Artist Space (supporting dance makers) and ICK Academy (stimulating education and research projects). Since the 2019/2020 season, the company has been supplemented with a junior company: ICK-Next. 

As of January 2021, Dansmakers Amsterdam, the former production house for dance, has merged into ICK-Artist Space. Suzy Blok, director of Dansmakers between 2013 and 2020, is now head of ICK Artist Space. Founded in 1993 as the dance laboratory DansWerkplaats Amsterdam, it developed into the city’s dance production house called Dansmakers. In 2011 Dansmakers moved to an old industrial building in North Amsterdam by the IJ canal, which used to be the Stork factory and created a venue and studios for the next generation. This space is now being further developed as a multi-disciplinary venue and workplace for young culture as Podium Noord.

Building and facilities

ICK Dans Amsterdam is house company of the Meervaart Theater, with access to various facilities. Studio ICK is located in the office building (Talentenhuis). ICK-Artist Space has a studio in Amsterdam West with simple montage facilities and collaborates with Likeminds and other partners in Podium Noord (formerly Dansmakers Podium). Podium Noord houses 2 rehearsal studios, one large multifunctional hall and a stage. Furthermore, there’s a foyer with bar. The venue-hall is 30 m x 25 m and the stage with sprung floor is 16 m x 10 m. The audience capacity is 150 seated on the set tribune but there is possibility of a larger audience up to 350 people for activities and events with a different set-up.

Meer en Vaart 290, 1068 LE Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Equity Atelier Series

workshop reports

A series of EDN workshops exploring practices of equity in contemporary dance - reports and podcasts are now published.