Guiding principles

Derida Dance Center, represented by Art Link Foundation, has the following objectives:

  • To stimulate the creation and promotion of contemporary art and culture;
  • To improve the knowledge and skills of dancers, choreographers and other participants and creators of productions in contemporary performance arts;
  • To create stage products and programs;
  • To organize of workshops with the aim of creation interaction between artists;
  • To collaborate in international festivals for contemporary art;
  • To monitor of contemporary art in Bulgaria;
  • To promote Bulgarian productions in the country and abroad;
  • To run an year long educational program in the field of contemporary dance;    
  • To contribute to cultural enrichment of local communities;    
  • To support the activities and performances in the country and abroad of the dance groups and related organizations in accordance with their needs;
  • To contribute to the development of international cooperation in studying, preserving, presenting and promoting the contemporary performance arts and cultural heritage

Derida Dance Center achieves them trough:

  • Building initiative committees;    
  • Forming a jury or other working groups;    
  • Acting in terms of promoting of contemporary art and culture;
  • Organizing and conducting international festivals and other forums;
  • Organizing workshops;
  • Issuing printed and internet materials to achieve their goals;
  • Participating in national and international projects and programs;
  • Developing long-term strategies for the development of art in Bulgaria;
  • Researching contemporary art in world-wide context and enriching it by creating and promoting productions and co-productions;
  • Developing, publishing and distributing electronic and printed materials presenting contemporary performing arts and cultural heritage, intended for the general public as well as tourists, travel agencies, tour operators and tourist information centers;
  • Developing and maintaining a platform for communication and information on contemporary performing arts and related activities and events aimed at dance groups and specialties, but open to the general public;
  • Managing programs for financing individual activities and performances of dance groups and related organizations;
  • Fundraising for the implementation of the Foundation's activities by local, foreign and international funds, organizations, individuals and legal entities, including through project activity under European and other international programs.


Derida Dance Center - Art Link Foundation is the first center for contemporary dance and training in Bulgaria, that was founded in 2010. The center has a wide spectrum of activities through which it executes the organization’s objectives, namely to be an instrument for accelerating the development of contemporary dance art in the country by supporting existing and emerging talents in the field and creating the conditions needed.

The main directions in which the center works are: independent dance productions, educational and training program for Contemporary dance, international partnerships, residency program, presentational and curatorial activity.

The organization was awarded IKAR 2017 for best performance in category “Contemporary dance and performance” as well as twice Sofia award for outstanding achievements in the field of culture.

Since 2012 Derida Dance Center, represented by Art Link Foundation has been an official representative of Bulgaria in the European platform Aerowaves and since 2015 has been performing the function of presenting partner. In March 2018 Derida Dance Center became the host of the annual festival of the platform - Aerowaves Spring Forward, which was a historical event for Bulgaria.

In 2018 the artistic director and co-founder of Derida Dance Center - Jivko Jeliazkov was selected from 637 applicants in total for one of TOP 20 choreographers in Europe by the Aerowaves platform.

As a natural continuation of the activity, the team of Derida Dance Center opened an independent theater stage - " DERIDA Stage" - on April 19, 2019, which is located at 32 Tsar Samuil Street, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The new “DERIDA Stage” is a space for presenting independent productions in the fields of dance, theater, circus and visual arts.

Building and facilities

DERIDA Stage is situated in the center of Sofia, Bulgaria on one of the most artistic streets of  the city- Tsar Samuil. 

Entering the lobby you find yourself in a wide space decorated with photographs of an emerging photographer, that caught under her lens the bodies of dancers. On the right you can see  the reception desk where you can find information on all the programmed events and tickets. 

When you go further, the lobby  reveals itself as a coffee bar and co-working space open to the public.

Continuing further along, there is the entrance for the stage with a smaller corridor on the left for the audience to enter and a large double door leading to the backstage and the stage itself.

The stage is a black box equipped with a professional dance floor with two sides - black and white and is with dimensions 10 x 10 metres. 

The venue is also equipped with professional light and sound systems that are being controlled from the controller room above the audience.

The capacity of the stage is 50 to 70 sitting places with the opportunity to be situated all around the dance floor, depending on the needs of the performance.

DERIDA Stage is one unconventional space by also having  a bar on the stage that could be used as part of performances if needed.

In terms of facilities, the venue has a separate bathroom, toilet, changing room and an office space that can be entered either from backstage or from a staircase than is downstage on the right side of the audience.

32 “Тsar Samuil” Str.

Bulgarian Dance Platform

2022 edition between 11-14 May

The third Bulgarian Dance Platform is part of the #15 edition of the Antistatic Sofia International Festival for contemporary dance and performance.


Reports from EDN Activities

Read, listen and watch reports from EDN activities in 2022.

Commissioned researchers and experts reported in great detail on EDN activities. Here you can find all reports of seven EDN activities in 2022.


Perform Europe's Documentary Published

20 October 2022

The documentary was shot in June 2022 during the Perform Europe’s Impact Event.

With contributions from 19 Perform Europe's partnerships, consortium and jury members, the consortium consisted of IETM - International network for contemporary performing arts, the European Festivals Association (EFA), Circostrada Network, European Dancehouse Network and IDEA Consult created the Perform Europe’s Documentary, which aims to reflect and unravel the impact that taking part in the Perform Europe pilot had on the partnerships and the communities to which they toured, as well as look behind the scenes at the Perform Europe journey and selection process.



EDN Activities in 2023

February - May 2023

The European Dancehouse Network presents its activities in 2023.

The European Dancehouse Network continues its EU-funded EDNext 2022-2024 programme with the theme of equity explored through activities co-organised and hosted by EDN members in 2023.


EDN Conference 2022: a Short Summary

14 November 2022

More than 400 registered participants from 49 different countries worldwide.

EDN's annual online conference brought together artists, dance practitioners and researchers to discuss environmental sustainability in the context of contemporary dance.


EDN Releases the Publication "Environmental Sustainability in Contemporary Dance: Emerging Issues, Practices and Recommendations."

15 November 2022

Commissioned research publication examines the relationship between environmental sustainability and contemporary dance, with a particular focus on the role of dance production centres.

The publication provides the context, references and examples of where and how dance intersects with environmental sustainability, and which set of actions can lead to effective action. Both executive summary and full publication are available for download.


EDN Campaign 2022 Final Document Released

15 November 2022

Endorsed by all of its 48 members from 28 European countries, the European Dancehose Network releases the EDN Campaign 2022 document.

EDN campaign presents concrete actions and ideas to engage the contemporary dance sector in Europe, its advocates, funders and stakeholders, in a shared movement towards a sustainable future.


Creative Europe Opens Call for Cooperation Projects

17 November 2022 - 23 February 2023

Application deadline is 23 February 2023.

The call will support projects to carry out a broad spectrum of activities and initiatives involving artists and stakeholders active in different cultural and creative sectors.

Activities EDN

EDN Atelier: Breaking the Habits: Rebuilding Sustainability

The EDN Atelier was held in Sofia on May 10-11, 2022, and it coincided with Bulgarian Dance Platform, followed by Antistatic- international contemporary dance festival (Sofia) and One Dance Week Festival (Plovdiv). The atelier was opened to EDN members and others.

Summary list