Guiding principles

K3 – Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg is a comprehensive centre for expertise in the field of contemporary dance, choreography, artistic research and dance outreach. A major objective at K3 is developing and offering various forms of residencies and artistic formats for working that combine artistic research, production and presentation. 
A key focus is on projects located at the crossroads of artistic practice – i.e. dance, choreography and performance – and discourse, both on the theory of dance and on broader social issues. Promoting and supporting young choreographers and dance professionals in the early stages of their career is a main priority.

In addition to providing information and advice, the centre offers dance makers and other professionals in the field regular courses and professional training, workshops as well as further learning formats.

 The outreach and education programmes aim towards fostering appreciation of dance in people of all ages. In addition, it creates platforms for transdisciplinary exchange with other arts and fields of knowledge essential in order to strengthen the standing and the position of contemporary dance and choreography in our society.


K3 was established in 2006/2007 as part of Tanzplan Deutschland – an initiative of the Federal Cultural Foundation that ran from 2006 to 2010. In the summer of 2007, the K3 exhibition hall at Kampnagel was renovated. K3 is an artistically independent institution operating within the organisational structure of Kampnagel. It has been funded by the City of Hamburg since 2011. 
As a place for artistic exchange and networking, K3 has played a major part since its establishment in developing a dynamic and strong dance community in Hamburg.

Building and facilities

3 dance studios, as well as adjacent studio stage P1, where K3 presents up to 40 performance night per season form the basis of K3 – Centre for Choreography.

Jarrestraße 20