Guiding principles

"Korzo is where we meet, to create work, and where everyone is welcome to experience art; to participate in, to learn from, to experiment with and to be inspired by." - Gemma Jelier, director

Korzo's program sparkles, dares, rubs and surprises. Come by, don't be shy and share with us what excites and moves you. We think art is important and with the doors wide open we are happy to share with you the art that moves our city.

Korzo is also a development place where people from all over the world come together. A house where talented choreographers, makers and performers are given opportunities to develop further and then move on. A house where as an artist you have the time and space to try things out, to fall and get up again. Quality, diversity and urgency are consistently pursued and importance is attached to the relationship with the public. In addition to identifying, mobilizing and guiding these talents, Korzo also takes initiatives to initiate new developments. Based on various art disciplines and with an open mind, the projects and makers are placed in an international context and brought into dialogue with the public. Korzo has been doing this together with a rich network of partners for 35 years.

Prinsestraat 42
NL-2513 CE
Den Haag