Guiding principles

Lithuanian Dance Information Centre (LDIC) is entirely dedicated to contemporary dance. The main task of LDIC is to spread information about dance in all possible ways in Lithuania and abroad. LDIC is both the physical and online contact point for any information on professional dance in Lithuania. It supports the artistic and cultural development of dance art in Lithuania through its strong networks, promotional activities, and services offered for field professionals.


Lithuanian Dance Information Centre (LDIC) is a nongovernmental organization established in 1995 thanks to private initiative.

One of the first undertakings of LDIC was the "Lithuanian New Dance Project", a small-scale festival showcasing the works of Lithuanian choreographers. In 1997 LDIC organized the first International Contemporary Dance Festival ‘New Baltic Dance'. The festival has grown up into one of the main and most prestigious dance festivals in the Baltic Sea region. All in all, more than 200 companies from 30 countries have been programmed for the festival.

Since 2000 LDIC organizes the biggest educational contemporary dance event in Lithuania ‘ Summer Intensive’ for professionals and beginners. Also, LDIC provides mentoring for Lithuanian dance professionals, implements different educational activities for dance professionals, dance critics and managers.

In addition, since establishment LDIC focuses on advocacy and lobbying, working with and on behalf of the dance world to rise up the profile of dance and ultimately to increase investment in all sectors of the dance field. Moreover, LDIC is an active member in international networks and participates in collaboration projects that focus on creating opportunities for professionals of this field.

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Dance Well

Project in Focus

Professional development for dance artists and organisations that engage in dance practices dedicated to people living with movement disorders.