Guiding principles

Station is a horizontal, self-organized structure based on principles of solidarity, mutual support, invitation and knowledge sharing. All artistic and strategic decisions are made by the collective body with artists, curators and producers. Station is strongly engaged in cultural policy debates in Serbia as an opinion-maker in the field of contemporary dance in order to influence political decisions relating the status of artists, social and economic position of artists, progressive policies for contemporary arts and substantial changes in the dominant capitalist system of culture.

It also fights for the contemporary dance space in Belgrade and Serbia which do not exist within the public system of cultural institutons. It raised a large campaign for spaces for dance in 2017.

Station advocates for the Balkan cultural cooperation through the platform Nomad Dance Academy.


STATION Service for contemporary dance is a bottom-up initiative of the contemporary dance and performing arts community in Serbia, established in 2005.

It has been working on development of contemporary dance scene through education, production and promotion of emerging and established artists, dancers and choreographers. One of its main focus is the Balkan collaboration and networking in the dance field; Station is the founding member of Nomad Dance Academy network for contemporary dance in the Balkans.

Station’s programmes include education platforms (Puzzle), Kondenz festival of contemporary dance and performance, a residency programme (StationOne), a regional platform for development of dance theater for children (Generator), a mentoring programme for emerging writers on contemporary dance, theory and cultural policies (Critical Practice_Made in YU), the archive of Serbian contemporary dance history and various formats for production and coproduction of new work.

Building and facilities

Station works in Magacin and is one of its founding members in 2007.

Magacin is an independent cultural center in central Belgrade with the unique self-management model where all users are equally responsable for the space, its mantainance and development. This model functions through the open callendar giving the space for free on the daily basis to different users that contribute in a collaborative way to maintainance and improvement of the space as well as to is larger visibility and significance. In this way it has constituted itself as a community that has been expanding and as an example of collective work on preservation of the common good. It is not a curated cultural center, but rather a community center used by more tan 1500 different users per year.

Within Magacin there are two dance studios as the most used spaces in Magacin. The space hosts our annual Kondenz Festival of contemporary dance and performance, our residency programme for dance StatioOne and all other Station’s programmes, very often in dialogue with other arts present in the center / visual arts, theater, circus, poetry, music, political activism, feminist activism, urban activism etc.

Picture: Magacin space, by Luka Knežević-Strika

Magacin, Kraljevića Marka 4