Guiding principles

Tanssin talo, also known as Dance House Helsinki, is a venue specially designed for dance. The house has opened its doors in February 2022.


The story of Tanssin talo has its roots in the 1930s when dancer Maggie Gripenberg came up with an idea of premises dedicated solely to dance. 

Tanssin talo ry (the Helsinki Dance House Association) was established in 2010 and began to promote the offering of high-standard artistic dance and dance culture regionally, nationally, and internationally. In 2014, the Board of Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation granted a donation of EUR 15 million for the new building construction. The donation started a series of events that finally lead to the beginning of a construction project. In December 2018, the floor plan of Tanssin talo was confirmed and in January 2020 the house celebrated a milestone as the cornerstone was laid.

Building and facilities

Tanssin talo is located close to the heart of Helsinki and right next to the cultural hub Cable Factory.

Tanssin talo provides a high-quality setting with state-of-the-art technology for performing arts. The house has two unique halls for performances: Erkko Hall with 700 seats and Pannu Hall with 220 seats. Downstairs in the Basement, there are club facilities and coat hangers. Performers have access to an artist foyer and rehearsal studio.


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