Guiding principles

For over 50 years, The Place has explored the possibilities of what dance can do. It seeks to engage with audiences and participants, champion the best ideas and create inspiring conditions for artists and enthusiasts to realise their potential. The Place combines London Contemporary Dance School, Richard Alston Dance Company and a 285 seat theatre, together with pioneering learning, outreach, recreation and professional development projects.


The Place has been a focal point of dance creativity in Britain, contributing to the development of cutting edge contemporary work, particularly new choreography, since it was founded in 1969.

Building and facilities

The Place has 11 state-of-the-art dance studios, a studio theatre and a cafe (open 6 days a week) and is situated in the heart of central London, between Kings Cross / St Pancras and Euston stations.

17 Duke’s Road
United Kingdom

To be 'contemporary'

28 October 2019

Bonnie Greer and Eddie Nixon in Conversation

What does it mean to be truly contemporary, in arts, in dance, in culture and politics? Bonnie Greer and Eddie Nixon tackle some big questions in the first conversation of The Place 50th anniversary celebrations.


Shape It Lab - UK

Deadline: 1 March 2020

Call for participation for UK-based artists

The Place are seeking dance artists to join Shape It Lab on Wed 29 and Thu 30 Apr 2020. The two day lab for UK based artists focuses on questions that makers could consider when presenting dance to young audiences.


Dancehouses in May and June

May - June 2020

Join EDN members remotely

While many EDN members are still closed for public, activities continue to take place remotely - both for artists and audiences! We bring to you plenty of shows, trainings, celebrations, reflections. Take your peak!


EDN announces Forum ‘Dance and its audience’

12 October 2021

Online Forum co-organized by The Place & Sadler’s Wells

The online forum co-organized by EDN and The Place & Sadler's Wells will invite artists, producers, promoters, and other dance professionals from all over Europe for online discussions. 

Activities EDN

The lonely dance of leadership

Leaders have ultimate responsibility for everything. They set the vision and direction of travel, inspire and nurture others, and make decisions that cannot always be popular. Other people may offer advice and opinions, but in the end it is up to the leader to juggle different demands, make sense of diverse views and shape the future. Leadership is a lonely dance.

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From The Place to Tanec Praha

Jessica Greer, Project manager at The Place London visits Tanec Praha in the week of Česká Taneční Platform (Czech Dance Platform) and shares her experience.

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Modul-dance was a multi-annual cooperation project with the participation of 20 European dance houses from 16 countries. Its main aim was to support development, mobility and exchange for dance artists.

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The very first step towards EDN, IDEE was proposed by 9 dancehouses working together for the first time as a network. It set out to work with emerging choreographers to help them to make connections across Europe and to contextualise their work for international audiences.

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Shape It

The cooperation project Shape It proposes a new model for developing dance performance for young audiences. It will run from 2019 to 2021, under the leadership of The Place (UK).

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Encounter Hong Kong

By invitation of the West Kowloon Centre, four EDN members joined the 4th edition of the Producers' Network Meeting and Forum. It provided a new occasion for EDN to connect with AND+ since the Encounter in Japan in 2017.

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Kore-A-moves (2010-2013) provided an intensive introduction of Korean choreographer’s works to audiences in Europe and the establishment of horizontal exchanges for the future between choreographers and companies, structures and models between both regions.

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B.motion 2019

The second edition of the EDN Carte Blanche for artists took place from August 20th to 26th, 2019 hosted by the CSC – Centro per la Scena Contemporanea. Twelve artists from nine Dancehouses attended B.Motion under the guidance of local mentor Eva Zilio.

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Dance Production and Funding in Europe

EDN organized the Information Workshop on Dance Production and Funding in Europe in Brussels. The aim was to consider the current realities of producing dance for the contemporary dance sector in Europe, the impact of funding schemes on artistic practice and the possibilities for closer collaboration and information exchange with institutions involved in cultural funding in Europe.

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Are you here? Dance and its audience

The online forum co-organized by EDN and The Place & Sadler's Wells invited artists, producers, promoters, and other dance professionals from all over Europe for online discussions.

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