EDN's Advocacy Campaign was distilled from the findings and recommendations released in EDN publication "Environmental Sustainability in Contemporary Dance: Emerging Issues, Practises and Recommendations" by consultant and researcher Jordi BaltĂ  PortolĂ©s.

This advocacy document can be used by organisers, artists, producers, presenters, funders and stakeholders to (re)negotiate a more ecologically sustainable development, creation, production and presentation of dance artwork locally, nationally and internationally.

The advocacy campaign presents concrete actions and ideas to engage the contemporary dance sector in Europe, its advocates, funders and stakeholders in a common movement towards a more sustainable future.

It addresses 6 areas where contemorary dance practices interact with ecological sustainability:

Narratives & embodiment
Dance production and presentation
Mobility and the climate justice
Greening the organisations
Community engagement
Policy recommendations

The campaign was launched in collaboration with EDN members on 6 October 2022 with awareness-raising activities accross membership communication channels.

The final advocacy paper has been endorsed by all 48 network members from 27 European countries.

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