New publications

It is our pleasure to announce the first EDN publication in 2021 entitled “Dance and Well-being, review of evidence and policy perspectives”, a part of the “Fit for the Future'' series of research papers commissioned by the European Dance Network.

The publication was supported by DEN the Dutch national knowledge institute for culture & digital transformation and Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

At this occasion, the President of the EDN Board of Directors Laurent Meheust invites you to have a good look to our new publication:

"This publication explores how dance organization have an impact and develop artistic practice increasing individual and relational well-being, vehiculating values related to solidarity, cohesion and equity, promoting intercultural dialogue. 

As EDN, we want to develop and exchange tools and best-practices examples for the dance ecosystem and make them available to all interested parties. 

I’m deeply grateful to all the wonderful people who have contribute to this collection and suggest recommendations. You might consider this valuable material as an important data to talk with your colleagues, partners and friends: please, fell free to share!" 

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