The purpose of travel bursaries is to support EDN member organisations and their associates in attending EDN activities.

We invite all EDN member organisations to involve their associated artists, partners and staff in attending EDN activities.

Firstly, we set aside 40 travel bursaries each year for members to attend the yearly Think-in strategic planning meeting. This is to support the members’ engagement in the network’s strategic development, research, data collection and advocacy efforts.

Secondly, the EDNext project provides travel bursaries for members, freelance artists and professionals to attend other physical activities, such as the Atelier workshops and Carte Blanche exchanges. Each year, 13 such bursaries are available: on average 3 bursaries per activity.

There are two types of travel reimbursement within EDNext:

1.) Reimbursement of unit costs, calculated on the basis of distance bands with the EU Commission calculator (link).

2.) EDNext travel bursaries fixed at 300€

In some cases, the reimbursement of unit costs (1.) will not cover the total cost of your travel. When this causes financial difficulties, requesting a travel bursary (2.) might be a better option.

How does it work?

  • The bursary may be awarded only to the registered participants; you need to fill in a registration form published on EDN's website.
  • Each travel bursary consists of a 300€ flat rate allowance.
  • The bursary may be used to cover the costs of transport, per diems, or additional nights of accommodation.
  • The bursary is awarded after the travel has taken place, exceptions permitted.
  • Participants are required to present their travel receipts together with the reimbursement request form. 
  • Participation fee still applies, exceptions permitted.

Selection procedure

  • Selection will be made once the registrations are closed.
  • Decision is based on the comparison between unit cost and the estimated actual cost of travel.
  • Priority will be given to artists and freelancers attending on behalf of an EDN member dancehouse, whose actual cost of travel is below the cost of participation fee.
  • Please wait for confirmation from EDN office before you book your travel.
  • Priority will be given to more sustainable modes of transportation.

More information

For more information about unit cost reimbursements and travel bursaries, contact Christoph Bovermann, EDNext Activities Coordinator. 

B.Network in Bassano

27-29 August 2024

registrations are open

Professional days at the B.motion Festival in Bassano del Grappa.