Photo © Ilme Vysniauskaite

Each year, the EDNext project investigates important thematic topics relevant to the contemporary dance sector and disseminates the findings. In 2023, EDN members will explore the concepts of EDIA (equity, diversity, inclusion, access) and its correlations to movement practices. Researcher Alexandra Baybutt will follow the red thread between EDN's yearly activities, dive deeper into the topics, collect examples of good practices and propose recommendations to be published in the end-of-the-year research publication.

Alexandra Baybutt (PhD, RSME, CMA) works in dance professionally since 2004, and engages freelance in postdoctoral research, somatic movement education, and artistic practice in the UK and Europe. Recent research projects include exploring embodiment as an ethics of encounter for University College London in the Institute of Advanced Studies; looking at the effects of Brexit and Covid-19 on the independent dance scenes of the UK; and analysing the politics of curation of contemporary dance festivals in the former Yugoslav space (monograph forthcoming, published by Taylor and Francis). Each of these used a mixed-methods approach and constructivist epistemology, and concern for space as physical, affective, political and social. 

Photo © Anna Kushnirenko.

ImPulsTanz 2023

6 July - 6 August 2023

Vienna International Dance Festival

Vienna International Dance Festival is taking place from 6 July to 6 August 2023


EDN Network Meeting

26-30 June 2023

Timișoara 2023 European Capital of Culture

International conference, encounter & EDN network meeting hosted by AREAL | Space for choreographic development and Centre for Projects Timișoara.



CN D Camping 2023 edition

19 - 30 June 2023

Pantin / Paris / Lyon

Festival and international choreographic platform
workshops / performances / exhibitions / meetings


OPEN CALL Aerowaves Twenty24

10 August 2023

Applications are open until 10 August 2023 

All emerging choreographers who apply have the chance to have their work programmed by the Aerowaves partners.


Perform Europe is back!

A three-year project supported by the European Union

Discover the latest news about the second edition of the performing arts funding scheme


Report on Artistic Freedom in Europe

by the Council of Europe

Free to Create: Artistic Freedom in Europe examines the challenges European artists and cultural workers face in the practice of their right to freedom of artistic expression.


EDN Activities in 2023

February - May 2023

The European Dancehouse Network presents its activities in 2023.

The European Dancehouse Network continues its EU-funded EDNext 2022-2024 programme with the theme of equity explored through activities co-organised and hosted by EDN members in 2023.


SHIFTing towards eco practices

15 European cultural networks to co-develop a bespoke eco-certification for cultural networks, taking into account their specific needs and working methods.


EDNext Focus on Equity

Dr Alexandra Baybutt commissioned to report on EDNext 2023 activities.

Mapping equitable practices in the European contemporary dance sector.


EDN Conference 2022: a Short Summary

14 November 2022

More than 400 registered participants from 49 different countries worldwide.

EDN's annual online conference brought together artists, dance practitioners and researchers to discuss environmental sustainability in the context of contemporary dance.


EDNext 2022 - 2024

European Network of Dance Development Organisations

EDN continues to receive the support of EU network funding for representing dance development organisations in Europe