The IETM Aarhus Plenary Meeting 2023 invites you to discuss and digest the ethical and practical role of the performing arts – and of the artist – in the face of climate emergency. 

To what extent could - and should - the arts be instrumental in the green transition? What measures can we take as a global network to include questions around ethics and justice in the debate around environmental sustainability? How can the performing arts provide opportunities for less-heard voices in order to reach new audiences? Where do we turn for knowledge that will support us in taking immediate steps to lower the environmental impact of our work?

The IETM Aarhus Plenary Meeting 2023 presents a programme that aims to provoke new thoughts and inspire action, awareness and positive impact. The participants will dive into existing arts practices, discuss production methods and exchange artistic strategies that walk the talk. Alongside the Plenary Meeting, the organisers will present an artistic programme of thematically relevant performances.

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Picture in the banner © Christoffer Brekne