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For the longest time, the performing arts game has been basically played according to the same set of rules: institutions curate projects and support the artists behind them, from the ideation and fundraising phases to the production and public presentation of the work on stage.

This status quo rests on two tacitly accepted constraints. On the one hand, it seems artists have no choice but to produce a work and show it to an audience, on the other hand, it seems that most of the forces that are actually moving the market are controlled by the presenting institutions.

Recently, artists have begun to reclaim their sense of agency by formulating new paradigms for their profession, such as the idea of not producing just for the sake of it, working collectively, deploying the artistic process towards different purposes, and connecting to other fields of relevance outside of the theatre stage. But one has to be very creative to challenge the production-centred funding cycle...

16 May 2023 at 15:30 CEST

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OpenScape Platform


OpenScape is a digital platform for the promotion of artistic and curatorial exchanges. It aims to create new encounters and interactions that are ecologically sustainable and more inclusive for practitioners outside of the main production centres, with limited border-crossing possibilities or resources.

Organised and presented by partners across five continents, this online meeting point aims to help practitioners reconnect globally through a series of curated discursive events and a permanent and decentralised online platform.

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Perform Europe Open Call

1 December 2023 - 31 March 2024

the call is open

Perform Europe launches a new call for performing arts professionals and organisations across the 40 Creative Europe countries.