We are excited to announce the results of the 2024 Perform Europe Open Call. 42 performing arts partnerships will receive EUR 2.1 million to reimagine how to tour performing arts works across the Creative Europe countries.

Perform Europe received 435 proposals from all eligible countries, in response to the Open Call. Projects were selected by 17 expert evaluators for their innovative touring ideas, while balance was ensured in terms of geography, performing arts disciplines, and the call’s priorities.

Each partnership project will receive up to EUR 60 000 in funding to bring their touring projects to life. Notably, 13 % of the total fund will be allocated to projects supporting the Ukrainian performing arts sector.

From July 2024 to November 2025, these 42 partnerships involving no less than 196 partners, will tour 63 performing arts works across all 40 Creative Europe countries.

They will test innovative ideas and models for touring, all with one common goal: to redefine how the performing arts can reach audiences in a greener, more inclusive, and more diverse way.

About the Projects

The winning proposals bring forward environmental, feminist, decolonial, migrant, queer, and artist-led perspectives. They push boundaries with innovative and impactful approaches to address Perform Europe's priorities. 

They show a strong commitment to green touring, with for example, ultra-low impact and slow travels, involving local artists and audiences to minimise carbon footprint. Projects propose immersive experiences that reconnect people with nature, and raise awareness about concerns like deforestation, water conservation, and the extractive industries.

Feminist projects address parenthood, gender, care, and menopause. Underrepresented communities in the performing arts will take centre stage, including young Roma actors, Ukrainian young people, people in rural communities, sex workers, and intergenerational casts. Several projects are driven by displaced artists from war-torn regions, raising awareness about conflicts, and some explore the healing power of playback theatre. 

Across the board, the proposals prioritise accessibility, ensuring inclusive and engaging experiences for all. They feature relaxed performances, engage young audiences with diverse access needs, and are led by artists with disabilities. They showcase works such as an immersive sensory circus show, and a performance-concert for both deaf and hearing audiences. Many proposals will tour community-centric and participatory works, engaging audiences through workshops, co-creation, and debates. They foster long-lasting connections in – and between – the places they travel to.

All of the proposals are exemplary in their demonstration of the power of the performing arts to drive social change, promote diversity and inclusivity, ensure access, and address pressing global issues. They stand as a testament to the transformative potential of artistic collaboration in the Creative Europe community.

Join us as we follow their journeys across Europe and beyond: From Tunisia to Iceland, Ukraine to the Netherlands. Discover the projects and get ready to reimagine international touring with us!

About Perform Europe

Perform Europe, supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme, is a funding scheme for the European performing arts sector. Through its Open Call, it aims to facilitate international networking and supports inclusive, diverse, and green partnerships that wish to tour across the 40 Creative Europe countries. Perform Europe is implemented by a consortium of six organisations: IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts, European Festivals Association (EFA), Circostrada, European Dance Development Network, Pearle * - Live Performance Europe and IDEA Consult.