Pina Bausch Centre is looking for seven exciting works with concepts for sustainable DanceMusicTheatre performances involving young people to explore climate-neutral forms of production and new aesthetics for ecological sustainability.


National and international initiatives, producers and artists are invited to present their productions. Network, exchange and initiative: How can the stage become a field of experimentation on the topic of sustainability? What unique power does dance possess in cultivating global empathy? Can we organise international productions more sustainably? How can actions of solidarity in the arts be brought into focus? What new narratives, spaces, materials, and modes of production can be developed in terms of energy, mobility, food, and forms of collaboration, and communication? We need swarm intelligence!

Participants are ideally tandems of art and ecology or climate initiatives, and have worked with young people in different production stages. We are searching for productions that reach a young audience both indoors or outdoors.

Applications may be submitted in English or German to until 24 March 2023. Decisions will be made by a panel of experts by 31 May 2023.

More information available here

Perform Europe Open Call

1 December 2023 - 31 March 2024

the call is open

Perform Europe launches a new call for performing arts professionals and organisations across the 40 Creative Europe countries.