Each year, the EDNext project investigates important thematic topics relevant to the contemporary dance sector and disseminates the findings.

In 2023, nearly 300 professionals from the broader contemporary dance field contributed their thoughts to the question of equity in working conditions. By looking at disabling conditions and systemic barriers, by discussing the periphery-centre binary, and by investigating equity in dance practices and collaboration models, we have collectively moved.

Researcher Alexandra Baybutt has followed the red thread between EDN's activities, capturing the pluralities of our field and the depth of conversation and activity on the topic. The research is informed by dance having methods and needs distinct to those of other art forms. It addresses a shared need to name and rename the key words in power. It describes three key tensions in dance exacerbating inequitable working conditions and introduces tools for organisational and individual reflection. It draws upon examples of good (and bad) practices in professional organisation and communication when trying to create equitable spaces in collaborative settings.

We are thankful for this immense work and wish you an inspiring read.


This publication was commissioned by EDN - European Dance Development Network as part of the research and advocacy activities of its EU-funded project 101053456 EDNext. Illustration © Tosca Mitkowska