Ascen-Danse, partner of Cultures Eco Actives, will lead a small scale European project with partners from Germany, Greece and Croatia. The aim of the project is to explore how dance choreographers and professionals adapt practises of creation in contemporary dance to co-create with adult people (who aren't professional dancers) depending on the cultural context we (they) create. The questionnaire aims to identify the current state of practise of creation with amateur dancers in contemporary dance in Europe.

The answers will be used as a starting point for research and as background for the future project. The information is anonymous, participants can decide if they want to be informed about the results.

Complete the questionnaire by 10 February 2023 at this link. For more information, contact Anne Bouchon (Cultures Eco Actives).

Ascen-danse is a French school and company of contemporary dance in the countryside. Cultures Eco Actives is a French association that carries out projects on cultural rights and sustainability in/of in/through culture.