Shape It Lab: Creating for early years

The Place are seeking UK-based dance artists to join Shape It Lab on Wed 29 and Thu 30 Apr 2020 

The two day lab for UK based artists focuses on questions that makers could consider when presenting dance to young audiences. The lab will involve conversations with industry experts, interactions with groups of families testing and questioning key areas of interest, and reflecting and exploring your ideas and others.

The lab is part of Shape It, a project which aims to broaden the audience for contemporary dance in Europe. Partners will do this by inviting early career dance makers in Europe to consider how an existing performance can be reconsidered for an audience of young people. Through development labs, residencies and touring, they will support artists to re-imagine the audience for their work. Together, through the partnerships they build, the conversations they have, and the audiences they meet, partners seek to model a new approach to developing dance for young people. 

Shape It is delivered by a partnership of The Place (UK - EDN member), Annantalo (Finland), Comune di Bassano del Grappa (Italy - EDN member) and Tanec Praha (Czech Republic - EDN member) and funded by Creative Europe. 

Take part in the Shape It Lab

Shape It Lab is for artists who:  

  • Have been creating performance work in a professional setting for a minimum of 3 years (occasionally less experienced artists are included) 
  • Are based in the UK 
  • Have an idea for research or a piece that would be aimed at family audiences with children aged 3+ (this can be new work or an adaptation of an existing one) 
  • Are working with any kind of performance with movement at the core 
  • Will be ready to share some of their ideas with us at the end of the residency 
  • Can demonstrate how the residency will benefit them as an artist 
  • Are ambitious to challenge themselves, their collaborators and us  

Do you fit the bill? Read the detailed call and apply by 1st of March 2020 through this link:

Picture: Family Dance Day, The Place - photographer: Rob Grieg

TDP Hotspots Laboratory

7-10 October 2020

Transnational laboratory without travelling

This Tipperary Dance Platform initiative is an international place for investigation and research, without travelling. A brand new way to work together: ten venues, organisations and festivals across Europe, eight dance studios, nine mentors host eight groups of dancers.


IETM Multi-location

1-2 October 2020

Online & Onsite meetings

In place of a large plenary, IETM gathers members and non-members online and on-site in more than twenty locations around the world - including some EDN members


Job opportunity at Dance City

Deadline: 30 September 2020

Maternity cover in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)

Dance City is looking for a manager for its National Dance Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) programme.


Curating in Context

Resources from the International Summer School

Over the course of the summer, EDN member Lokomotiva (North Macedonia) conducted the first edition of its International Summer School. We highly recommend diving in the resources made available online by Lokomotiva to reflect on contemporary practices of performing arts in relation to activism, social movements and self-organization.


Rescue the arts

Plea to national governments

In the face of the crisis, together with IETM, Circostrada, ETC and In Situ, we call on the national governments to take measures to safeguard the long-term viability of the cultural sector.