SPACE CAMP is the possibility for marginalized artists, centering BIPOC, to be together, to work together, and to receive creative impulses within a space that has actively sought to remove as many access barriers as possible. The organizers attempt to facilitate the realization of this question: “if you didn’t have to do the additional work of moving structural barriers as an artist, what would work look like for you? What would you create?

The project invites artists/performers from marginalized groups who reside first and foremost in Zürich, then in Switzerland and lastly from around the globe to come together over two weeks to imagine, create, learn and network in a POC run “safer space.”

The first edition will take place at EDN member Tanzhaus Zürich between 15 and 25 February 2025. Artists and performers can find more information about the project and application process on the project's website

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How Can We Move?

22 November 2023

Creating Equitable Spaces in Contemporary Dance

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