The selected pairs of artists from each country will attend two workshops in spring and autumn 2020.

Core components of the project

The selected pairs of artists from each country will attend two workshops in spring and autumn 2020.

Micro and Macro Dramaturgies in Dance is a cooperation project not based on co-production, but on dramaturgical cooperation, discussion and supervision of the whole creative process.

For this project, the partners are announcing the first Open Call for Applications to participate in a series of workshops in 2020.

The project provides an opportunity to give artists from five partner countries (the Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Cyprus) the experience of leading European dance dramaturges - Guy Cools, Cools, Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar, Katalin Trencsenyi and Maja Hriešik. Each year selected pairs of artists from each country (a choreographer and their potential dramaturge) attend two 10-day workshops (in spring and autumn).

Each workshop will include a seminar with the participation of the wider art community and the last workshop in Prague will conclude with a final presentation of the outputs of the whole two-year project open to the general public.

Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions of the open call

Only professional artists are eligible for the project: mid-career choreographers who feel the need for further professional growth, and (potential) dance dramaturges who want to pursue this profession in the future. Choreographers can sign up together with the selected dramaturge as a pair, but also individually. The same applies to those interested in dance dramaturgy. Interest in exchanging experience in European cooperation and openness to new impulses are crucial.

The selection of creative pairs for the first year of the project will take place in the first week of December 2019 based on an Open Call in each partner country. The workshops will take place in Italy (Polverigi / Anghiari) from 14 – 24 April 2020 and in the Netherlands (Tilburg) in the second half of September 2020.

Those interested in participating in the Micro and Macro Dramaturgies in Dance project must guarantee their participation in both workshops in 2020 (14 – 24 April and second half of September 2020) as well as the final event of the project in Prague in mid-September 2021.

Project covers transport to the workshops, accommodation and meals during the workshops and fees.

Apply to take part in the Micro and Macro Dramaturgies project

Apply now by sending an email to the partner in your country with information below:

  • First name and surname
  • Contact: address, mail, tel…
  • Interested in participating as: choreographer or dramaturg…
  • I’m submitting an application by myself or as a pair with….
  • Motivation of why you want to join this project

Include, in English:

  • CV emphasizing experience in the field to date
  • Links to videos or published materials
  • Information about a project that you planned for 2020 (mandatory for choreographers.)

Visit the websites of the partners for more information. Note that each country has a different deadline!!

Shape It Lab - UK

Deadline: 1 March 2020

Call for participation for UK-based artists

The Place are seeking dance artists to join Shape It Lab on Wed 29 and Thu 30 Apr 2020. The two day lab for UK based artists focuses on questions that makers could consider when presenting dance to young audiences.


Cooperation projects with Western Balkans

Deadline: 17 March 2020

Special open call from the EACEA

The specific objectives of this call are to increase cultural cross-border cooperation within the Western Balkans region and EU Member States and to strengthen the competitiveness of the cultural and creative industries in the region.


Job opening at La Briqueterie

Deadline: 25 February 2020

La Briqueterie is looking for a director

The director, who shall start on 15 October 2020, is reponsible for designing and implementing an artistic and cultural project for La Briqueterie - CDCN. English & French fluency are required for this position.


Dancing your way to better health & well-being

November 2019

A new report by the World Health Organisation

This report synthesizes the global evidence from over 900 publications on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being, with a specific focus on the WHO European Region.