The DanceHouses


The Dancehouses develop many projects together - even before the establishment of EDN, and beyond the membership of the network.

This work method enables dancehouses to engage in the dance ecosystem to their full potential: they share knowhow, exchange artists, co-produce work, disseminate European creation and present performances to a large audience.

Read more about two best practices from EDN's early days here below.

IDEE - Initiatives in Dance through European Exchange

From 2005 to 2008, 9 dancehouses collaborated for the first time formally, paving the way towards the European Dancehouse Network. IDEE set out to work with emerging choreographers to help them to make connections across Europe and to contextualise their work for international audiences.

Its aim was to boost the profile of dancehouses and strengthen their position in the cultural-political landscapes, to help dance artists to develop their creative output at pan-European level and to encourage the development of new forms of exchange in dance and performance.

Over the course of three years, 10-15 guest performances were selected and adapted for presentation in a variety of international venues including a working partnership with the local artistic community and parallel activities for contextualisation.

Read more about IDEE and its outcomes here.


From 2010 to 2014, 20 Dancehouses from 16 European countries joined forces in the project Modul-Dance: Artists' itineraries across Europe to support dance art, creation and dissemination

Modul-dance main aim was to support development, mobility and exchange for dance artists.

The project hosted a community of 52 European artists and offered them a framework to create and present their work to different audiences. The selected artists developed an artistic piece within a 4-module structure across Europe consisting of research, residency, production and presentation modules and they received advice on play-writing and engage in an intense process of dialogue with the dancehouses. More than 40 artists were invited to carry out research work within the Carte Blanche programme at 1 or more of the dancehouses participating. It worked across disciplines cooperating with dramaturgists.

Find out more about the project, the partners and the outcomes here.