Bertram Müller, Karen Lynhgolm and Walter Heun played a key role in the early years of EDN. In the interviews below, they share their views on the development of EDN and some key aspects of the dancehouses in Europe.

Bertram Müller - 2014

Bertram Müller was director of Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf and the first EDN president. Now he is an independent consultant. He talks about the history of the network and the concept of dancehouse.

Advice on building a dancehouse

Thinking about building a new dancehouse? Based on his experience, Bertram Müller give us some advices.

Karen Lynhgolm - 2014

Karene Lynhgolm was Chair of the EDN association from 2004 to 2009. Now she is an Honorary Member. She talks about the association now and gives her opinion about what the network can be in the future.

Walter Heun - 2015

EDN interviewed Walter Heun, director of Tanzquartier Wien, in April 2015, during the celebration of FEEDBACK. He talks about this platform of the current dance and performance scene in Austria from the perspective of Tanzquartier Wien and also about the project of the dancehouse.