The Relevance of Dance

Collective questions

Proyecto Pregunta is a civic participation device centered on the collective generation, visualization and viralization of debates on the public space. It is a project by MilM2, a production and cultural management platform for temporary use projects in Santiago de Chile.

The ultimate goal of Proyecto Pregunta is to activate territories and communities through the collective generation of knowledge.

Each activation deploys a set of tools for civic engagement, fostering the collective questioning of social issues. It is a critical device, aimed to intervene civic participation methodologies. By intervening these methods the project seeks to question and open new types of community awareness and civic engagement.

The questions are used to gather questions from the community. The original question is meant to raise new questions and to create collective conversations. One question from the ones gathered is selected and hanged on the wall.

For the EDN conference in Olot (2016) Proyecto Pregunta designed an action focused on the issue of the relevance of dance. What would you ask dance? What would you ask your body? What would you ask the cultural institutions? These were the 3 trigger queries to collect questions on the streets of Barcelona and Olot during the previous days to the Conference.