Inventur #2

Inventur, taking stock – that means a reassessment of the current status quo. What do we have, what is lacking? Twelve years after the first Viennese Inventur, the international dance and performance scene again reflects on its contemporary situation -this time in Düsseldorf-, discussing new challenges arising from sociopolitical developments.

A stock-taking exercise about our times

INVENTUR 2 aimed to analyse the current situation of contemporary dance and the performing arts, across genre boundaries and in a cross-sectoral manner.

12 years after the first INVENTUR in Vienna in 2005 the field’s most prominent performers discuss central topics of the latest developments of contemporary dance and art, all the while taking in consideration the current political, ecological and economic crises.

In nine panels, both the inventory as well as the inventory-taking itself were up for discussion.

View the full 3-day programme here.

Documentation of the event

The rich Inventur#2 forum was covered by two reports, bringing different views to summarize intense and diverse panels.

You can download the full contributions in pdf here below, or browse through some selections online.