The topic of sustainability was addressed by EDN in the framework of the (UN)conference Imaginary Relationships. It took place in Vienna in April 2015. The programme focused on the question of sustainability in relation to artistic production, between autonomy and participation.

The first EDN Forum, discussing the question of sustainability in the context of contemporary dance

(Un)conference: Imaginary Relationships

(Un)conference on the question of sustainability in relation to artistic production between autonomy and participation

Against the background of various social transformation processes between autonomy and participation, between self-organisation and efforts at good governance, between neoliberal promises and uncertainties in relation to current social contracts and compatibilities, their spaces and thereby possible areas of action and alliances, we would like to offer a space for discussion about social and economic realities as well as existing and imaginary sustainabilities around models and networks of performers/dancers and their co-players.

Whose commons?

Sustainability in relation to the notion of belonging

The first day aimed to start defining the notion of social and economic sustainability for the context/environment of performance/dance, thereby posing the question of societal relevance, thus putting it in a broader perspective. Questions of acceptance, direct democracy, participation, (self-)empowerment, self-organisation only form part of a spectrum of perspectives towards sustainability in relation to the question of belonging.

Socio-political Imaginaries.

Examples and model-lie drafts for sustainability

The second day opened up with keynotes as real “best practise” and fictive/utopian outlines of sustainability that have model-like character and to see, what we can learn from them to define in a hands-on mode different outlooks for our diverse practises and environments (social, economic, ecological) and their interconnectedness. Thereby the participants are invited to keep in mind the reality-generating potentially of the fictive/utopian, but also non-linearity, the decentral and the impossibility of universalisms.

Organized by Tanzquartier Wien and EDN in cooperation with Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

Documentation of the event

(UN)Conference Imaginary Relationships was documented in videos and all keynotes and panels can be found on this website.

Furthermore, the report of the conference written by Theresa Luise Gindlstrasser can be downloaded below.