Collapse Free Scene?

In her keynote Collapse Free Scene? Kerstin Evert spoke about her observation that since a few years a debate is going on in the German Speaking countries, which tries to describe the “advantages” of the independent scene in contrast to the “disadvantages” of the municipal ensemble theatre system. But analysing the existing production conditions of the independent scene with a realistic perspective focusing on sustainability, this scene seems to be close to collapsing instead of giving rise to a new utopian theatre model. Is a real collapse needed in order to open a way for a new theatre model? Could this model think about sustainability in a new way, include a different way of thinking about the “local” and also approach the difficult question of quantity vs. quality?

Kerstin Evert founded the choreographic center K3 in Hamburg in 2006 and is its director since then. She worked as dramaturge and is lecturer at several universities and is member of several juries and advisory boards.