Common in the international cultural sector, yet still hard to grasp for many working in the field, the notion of equity encompasses important issues: representativeness, cultural rights, solidarity...

How can artists and professionals seize the principle of equity in creation, in their relations with the public and in international collaborations? The two-day Atelier, open to artists and cultural professionals, offered a space for discussion and practice around issues of fairness and solidarity. Space was given to both European and non-European perspectives.

Dive into the podcast and get a sense of the Atelier's playful & collaborative atmosphere.



Access, social mobility, welfare state and the limits of meritocracy. Read more about the Atelier's themes and outcomes in writing.




The working languages of the Atelier were French and English, with simultaneous interpreting. Participants were invited to see works by Nadia Beugré (21 and 24 March), Marco Da Silva Ferreira (21 March), Aina Alegre (22 March) and Volmir Cordeiro (23 and 24 March). The accompanying programme included a platform of young choreographers (21 March) and a screen dance programme (23 March).

Find more information about the 22nd edition of the Biennale de danse du Val-de-Marne here.

Registrations to attend the Atelier are now closed.



The registration deadline for participants not applying for EDN travel support was 15 March 2023.


How to participate with EDN travel support?

EDN reimbursed a fixed amount of travel contribution (calculated here), 3 per diems at 30€ per day, book and cover three nights of accommodation for up to 7 participants. Priority was given to EDN members and their associates. We encourage artists and other professionals to contact their local EDN members for support, find the EDN members list here. Participation fee of 150€ is invoiced to the participant or their dancehouse/ organisation.

EDN members were invited to respond to the Travel Bursaries Open Call on behalf of their associated artists and other freelance professionals.

Registrations for EDN travel support are now closed.

How to participate without EDN travel support?

Participants could join the Atelier free of charge without receiving travel support, but had to book and cover travel and accommodation individually.

The registration deadline for participants not applying for EDN travel support was 15 March 2023.

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