Carte Blanche for Artists
30 August - 1 September 2021

EDN member Maison de la Danse, Lyon (France) hosted Carte Blanche for Artists in the framework of Cellule d´Essai.

Cellule d'Essai is an initiative from Lyon-based choreographers Lola Maury & Benjamin Coyle. It proposed a relaxed frame for artists & choreographers to come together and exchange their artistic practices in a non-hierarchical way. It was not production-focused and has been seen as a window to consider the nature of our work and processes. The three days belonged to the group, deciding on directions, interests to follow and ways to work together. 

For whom

Lola Maury & Benjamin Coyle were interested in meeting choreographers who have an interest in reacting to the following open questions: “What support, spaces or infrastructures do our practices need today?” and “In what spaces and imaginations might choreography exist and get activated?”

They were looking for artists-choreographers whose profile fit some or all of this:

  • Are interested in choreographic research outside of economies and logics of production;
  • Are critical and want to actively question their creative tools, processes and strategies;
  • Are willing to reflect on their artistic practice in relation to the broader current choreographic field;
  • Want to reflect on the production and touring models they are part of;
  • Are independent, pro-active and curious;
  • Are interested in the porous nature of the choreographic and have practices that might be challenging traditional notions of disciplines or aesthetics;
  • Whose practices are hybrid and therefore might challenge current production models.


Three days Carte Blanche for Artists has described in a Cellule d'Essai's report, available here.