Meet your peers!

EDN offers the possibility for its members to visit other dancehouses; an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning, an informal insight into production and artistic processes, a new know-how and knowledge. From 2022 onwards, EDN members can choose whether they would like to visit another dancehouse in person or to be connected with their peers online via a matchmaking process by the EDN Office. 

We want for you to meet your peers; to have informal, yet structured exchange about your work, what challenges you are facing, what inspires you. These journeys are not about hierarchy, they are about peer-to-peer exchange, learning from each other and building a new know-how you can later on use in your dancehouses.

Carte Blanche Staff Exchange 2022 will take place between May and November 2022. If you are interested in visiting other dancehouse or to meet your peers online, please register by April 27, 2022.

Registration link:


Do you work in the technical department and want to see what the technical production process looks like in another dancehouse? Are you a programmer and want to exchange thoughts about curatorial principles? Or do you want to know how other dancehouses work creatively with finances? Are you struggling with challenges in your department that could be looked at from a new perspective by sharing and exchanging ideas with a peer? 

If you can say yes to any of this or come up with other questions you would like to ask another dancehouse, then this is for you!

Option 1: Physical Exchange

For those who choose to visit another member’s dancehouse, EDN will cover the costs of 6 overnight stays and per diems as well as a flat travel allowance of 600€ for 5 EDN members. The participation fee is 300€ and will be charged to your dancehouse. 

Option 2: Online Meetings

For those that prefer an exchange with colleagues at another dancehouse online, tailor-made online meetings will take place over 4 to 6 weeks for 10 EDN members. You will have 1-2 hours conversation on 4-6 occasions and before the meetings you will receive a guideline. The participation fee is 100€ and will be charged to your dancehouse.

In the registration form you can propose which member/members you would like to have an exchange with, or you can just specify in which department and we’ll make a match for you.

All professionals of the dancehouses are eligible for the placement: communication managers learning how others reach out to their local audiences, artistic directors exchanging on curatorial principles of a dancehouse, producers learning from other contexts and techniques…  


Open Call for Registration

For whom: all professionals of the dancehouses

When: May 2022 - November 2022

Participation fees: 

  • Physical Exchange: 300 € (covers the costs of 6 overnight stays and per diems as well as a flat-rate travel allowance of 600€)
  • Online Meetings: 100 € (covers matchmaking and assistance for the multi-week immersion)

If you are interested in visiting other dancehouse or to meet your peers online, please register by April 27, 2022.

Registration link:

*Consider calculating the environmental impact of your travel when planning for your trip.

EDN members were invited to apply for the EDN Travel Bursaries Open Call.