In the frame of the dance festival “Dancing About”, TANZPAKT Dresden, HELLERAU and Villa Wigman hosted an EDN Atelier with the topic “Mobility of Artists, Mobility of Ideas” from 30 September to 2 October 2021 at HELLERAU/Dresden, Germany.

The Atelier joined around 25 dance artists, performers, curators, programmers and professionals to discuss questions in various formats. In three smaller focus groups, topics such as mobility between live and digital activity, hypermobility and sustainability, and bodies in digital spaces were all discussed. Open conversations were held in a space in which anyone could share whatever they had on their mind. Later, each breakout group shared their thoughts and summaries with all the participants.

Programme (final)

Thursday, 30 September      

17.30 Get Together & Dinner (location: Nancy-Spero-Saal)
20.00 Lotte Mueller "Im/Mobility" (Großer Saal)
21.15 Anima(l)[us]/Rosalind Masson "Occupying Eden" (Kulturgarten)
22:00 Audience Talk: Im/Mobility & Occupying Eden (Dalcroze-Saal)        

Friday, 1 October      

10:00 Keynote: Tang Fu Kuen (Nancy-Spero-Saal)
11:00 Focus Groups (Studios)
13:00 Lunch (Dalcroze-Saal)
14:00 Pitches (Nancy-Spero-Saal)
15:00 Focus Groups (Studios)
16:45 Travel to Villa Wigman
18.00 Polymer DMT / Fang Yun Lo "Nano Giants" (Villa Wigman)
19:00 Audience Talk: Nano Giants (Villa Wigman)
20:30 Dinner (Altes Wettbüro)       

Saturday, 2 October  

10:00 Focus Groups: Get-Together / Structuring of Ideas (Nancy-Spero-Saal)
11:00 Discussion
13:00 Lunch (Dalcroze-Saal)
14:30 Wrap-Up (Nancy-Spero-Saal)
16.00 End of EDN Atelier
19.00 Katja Erfurth "KASSANDRA | Zunge: reißen" (Großer Saal)
20.30 go plastic company "ASPHALTWELTEN Part 3" (in front of HELLERAU)
21.45 Workshop:  Anima(l)[us]/Rosalind Masson "Occupying Eden" (Kulturgarten)
22.00 Dancing About Party (Dalcroze-Saal)


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