A Hundred. Mapping contemporary dance resources in Europe (June 2015 - April 2016) was not an exhaustive study, but a preliminary data gathering exercise – an exploration of how this information might be distilled and disseminated. As an applied research methodology, it has been developed as a reflective process in which the outcomes can contribute to inform and evolve the research actions.

It was meant to capture a picture of some centres (be these established institutions or new entities, networks or festivals) that support dance and have a strong international projection within their core mission or vision. It might act as guiding framework for artists and professionals, helping them to make connections with each other.

The project

64 artists and representatives from dance organisations and festivals across Europe participated in the preliminary study through 5 workshops that were held between April and November 2015 coinciding with outstanding international dance meetings.

The knowledge and experience of invited participants informed and provided objective contributions to shape and develop the whole process. The research method used to gather data was based on a Focus Group model. The data analysis and criteria selection was then undertaken later on by the research coordinators resulting in 161 international resources documented. These included dance spaces, dance festivals, multidisciplinary festivals and/or venues programming dance, networks and projects and other resources.

The research was published in the form of a database of organisations on the EDN website. As this data was collected in 2015-2016, it has been decided to archive the list of 161 organisations instead of keeping it online.

Find the research document here below in pdf. If you wish to access a searchable, excel file, please contact the EDN staff.

A Hundread - research document

The methodological framework

Contemporary Dance is a sector that can be perceived as fragile. The product is niche, and in many areas, the market is limited. In order to ensure the sustainability of the art form, artists have tested and pushed the boundaries, not only in concept or form, but across markets and borders. Mobility of dance artists and of those supporting dance is key to ensuring such sustainability. Therefore it is important to develop tools and resources which support the mobility of those involved in contemporary dance.

There are organisations that offer support and resources for dance across Europe. However, there is limited information to direct artists or producers to these possible supporting or presenting opportunities. In the same way, managers or organisations in search of partners for exchange programmes or international collaborations could benefit from a broader understanding of institutions across Europe who are working at an international level.

A Hundred… is an action research project that explores how knowledge exchange across networks -formal and informal- can contribute to a mapping process. It is an attempt to capture a picture of centres of activity -be these established institutions or new entities, networks or festivals- that support contemporary dance and have a strong international projection within their core mission or vision.

Access the full methodological framework here.

Video documentation

Different workshops are being organised within the context of dance festivals and/or gatherings during 2015 with the participation of programmers, artists, touring managers, amongst other professionals in order to have different points of view and sources of knowledge. EDN filmed the workshop that took place in Bassano the 22nd August 2015.

Partners & Funders

A Hundred is an initiative of EDN within the project funded by Creative Europe and it is possible thanks to the cooperation of Mercat de les Flors Barcelona, Institut Ramon Llull, Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano de Grappa, Tanz im August, HAU-Hebbel am Ufer, La Briqueterie-CDC du Val de Marne, Aerowaves, Trafo and IETM.

La Briqueterie

CDCN | Centre de Développement Chorégraphique National du Val-de-Marne

Vitry-sur-Seine I France


House of Contemporary Arts

Budapest I Hungary

Mercat de les Flors

Casa de la Dansa

Barcelona I Spain

Centro per la Scena Contemporanea

CSC Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa I Italy