Performing artists, presenters, managers, community organisers, and other dance professionals are invited to join us in Prague this April to get informed on various regional perspectives on the topics of career sustainability and practices of care, supporting artists, audiences and professionals at times of crises, conflict and extreme precarity.

The EDN Atelier “Dance & Resilience” in Prague will start on the afternoon of 10 April, following the Czech Dance Platform’s final discussion & brunch. During the two following days, the Atelier will propose a series of open discussions and workshops with a presentation of practices from Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Which initiatives have lately been developed to sustain artistic work in these countries? What are their working conditions really like? How do they go about creating safe and reliable spaces to work on topics that relate to difficult issues? What are the challenges that artists find most affecting in each country and what are the ways or strategies to cope with them?


Tuesday, 9 April 2024

*the programme is subject to change


From 14:00: last day of Czech Dance Platform


Wednesday, 10 April 2024

14:00 @Studio Krenovka

Artists living and working in Ukraine & artists living and working in EU, CZ – sharing experiences with Julia Grishina, Khrystyna Slobodianiuk, Oleksandr Manshilin (all UA), Yana Reutova (UA/CZ), Nika Horiacha (UA/ES), Rita Lira (UA/FR)

17:00 @Čítárna Unijazz (hybrid format TBC)

Creative management in a conflict zone
with Oleksandr Manšilin (UA), Ukrainian artists from EU: Yana Reutova (UA/CZ), Nika Horiacha (UA/ES), Rita Lira (UA/FR), Viktor Ruban (UA) & Yaroslav Kaynar (UA) - on Zoom, moderated by Yvona Kreuzmannová (CZ) 


20:00 @PONEC – dance venue

Unity in Motion - projection Let the Body Speak (30 min) & Performance Yana Reutova (UA/CZ): Together Alone – Lost (20 min)


Thursday, 11 April 2024

10:00 – 11:00 @Studio Krenovka

Warm up with Marta Ladjanszki - open to artists, dancers, professionals

11:15 – 13:00 @Čítárna Unijazz

Dance & Resilience in V4 countries - Discussion on political influences on the independent scene in HU, SK, PL with Ryszard Kalinowski (PL), Marta Ladjanszki (HU), Orsolya Bálint (HU), Marek Godovič (SK), facilitated by Ema Šlechtová (CZ)


15:00 – 17:00 @Studio Krenovka

Video presentations & networking with artists from V4 (tbc)

Evening Programme


Friday, 12 April 2024

10:00 – 11:00 @Studio Krenovka

Warm up with Yana Reutova - open to artists, dancers, professionals

11:15 – 13:00 @Čítárna Unijazz (hybrid format TBC)

Dance & Resilience in Ukraine and V4 countries; summary, final round table discussion. Moderated by Yvona Kreuzmannová & Ema Šlechtová (CZ)

Afternoon: Departure


How to participate with EDN travel support?

EDN will reimburse a fixed amount of travel contribution (calculated here), 3 per diems at 30€ per day, book and cover three nights of accommodation for up to 7 participants. Priority will be given to EDN members and their associates. A participation fee of 150€ will be invoiced to the participant or their organisation.

EDN members are invited to respond to the Travel Bursaries Open Call on behalf of their associated artists and other freelance professionals.


How to participate without EDN travel support?

Up to 10 further participants can join the Atelier without receiving travel support. These participants will have to book and cover travel and accommodation individually.



Register before 4 March 2024

Fill in the form before 4 March 2024 to register for the Atelier.

Please book your travel upon confirmation from the EDN office.



If you have any questions, please get in touch with Christoph Bovermann at

About the project

Each year, the EDNext project investigates important thematic topics relevant to the contemporary dance sector and disseminates the findings. In 2024, the project facilitates a platform to discuss and map the practices of care and wellbeing in the development of contemporary dance. EDNext is brought to you with the support of the Creative Europe funding.

Tanec Praha

PONEC - dance venue

Prague I Czech Republic