May 10-11, 2022, Derida Dance Center, Sofia

To have what we wish for, without compromising the quality of productions and of life. To reduce the financial weight, while doing what is right. To be mindful and protect human health. To understand ecosystems, study and protect them, and to ensure a greener future via technology.

Sustainability is a burning challenge for many institutions. Their complex and sometimes rigid structures are a disadvantage when it comes to incorporating sustainable approaches into their production processes and carbon footprint, or even introducing new technologies as more sustainable and durable solutions. 

During the EDN Atelier in Sofia entitled "Breaking the Habits: Rebuilding Sustainability," both international guest speakers and Atelier participants discussed the following issues:

  • How can a dance production house approach sustainability in the 21st century;
  • Where and when is an entry point for an institution to ensure sustainability in its production cycle and organisational structure;
  • How can new technologies be introduced into this process?
  • What are the working models of effectively going green?

Workshops led by Bulgarian and international professionals introduced different approaches to sustainability via highlighting the VR technologies, “accidental recycling” with sound design, artistic projects with ecological focus, and new approaches to stage design. 

Speakers of the Atelier were Igor Crnković (Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Rijeka (Croatia), Ivan Shopov (artists and composer, Bulgaria), Manuela Sarkissyan (freelance actress, Bulgaria), Vladislav Iliev and Mihail Iliev (both studio Phormatik, Bulgaria), Olof van Winden (director and founder of the TodaysArt festival in The Hague, the Netherlands). 

The atelier was opened to EDN members and others. EDN members were invited to apply for the EDN Travel Bursaries Open Call.


During the EDN Atelier, guest speakers shared different resources, indicating existing strategies and approaches. The discussion is summarised in the report written by Carmen Amme. 

Derida Dance Center

Derida Stage

Sofia I Bulgaria