Latin America

Visit at Nave (c) EDN

EDN exchanges with South America

Outreach Chile

In October 2015, EDN representatives travelled to Chile to attend the 14th edition of the festival Danzalborde. Additionally, EDN members visited the School of Architecture of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria. Directors of dancehouses and students shared conversations about the buildings for dance.

EDN also visited NAVE in Santiago de Chile. NAVE is a creation and residency center whose mission is to support, collaborate and nurture processes of creation and investigation of the Live Arts –dance, performance, music, theater and all of its imaginable crosses- opening dialogue with other disciplines.

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The missing link

During the festival “Projeto Brasil” in 2016, HELLERAU hosted an Atelier which focused on new models of artistic work in the frame of community work an today’s shared economy values. Presentations and discussions from Germany, Chile, Colombia and Brazil presented different models of transnational co-productions and networks.

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Wake up!

In 2019, the CND and EDN took a global look at Europe and the world so as to understand better the realities of each country in danger and conceive more exactly spaces for international solidarities. Giving a podium for artists and groups committed to struggles which are at once societal, political and intimate seems to us to be the best way to bear witness to today’s artistic realities. A special focus was placed on exchange with Brazilian artists.

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Ligia Lewis, 'Minor Matter' (c) Julieta Cervantes
EDN Encounter in Brazil

The 12th edition of the Festival Contemporâneo de São Paulo took place from October 29 to November 10 and focused on Art, Invention of the Common and Other Perspectives.

In addition to the international performances, residences, workshops and lectures, the FCD promoted a series of meetings between local artists and programmers from different countries to share processes, thoughts and experiences in creating artwork and inventing local contexts.

From November 4th to 9th, 2019, 5 EDN programmers were be able to see a sample of what has been thought, practiced and produced in the city in the last decade. On November 8th, a public presentation of the projects carried out by the EDN members was held in the auditorium of the Centro Cultural de São Paulo.

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Main photo: Ligia Lewis, 'Minor Matter' (c) Julieta Cervantes