Early days of cooperation with Asia


One of the first international projects in the frame of EDN, Chin-A-moves (2008-2009) aimed to nurture connections between younger independent artists from both Europe and China. Additionally, the project initiated and cultivated a network of European dancehouses and festivals and Chinese dance companies, theatres and performing arts festivals.

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Kore-A-moves (2010-2013) provided an intensive introduction of Korean choreographer’s works to audiences in Europe and the establishment of horizontal exchanges for the future between choreographers and companies, structures and models between both regions.

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Cooperation with India

Outreach India

The very first EDN Outreach took place from February 6th to 12th 2015 with a visit to Bangalore. A representation of 7 EDN members travelled to India under the invitation of Attakkalari coinciding with the celebration of the Attakkalari India Biennial.

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Dance Connect

The outcome of this first outreach took shape in a project bringing Indian choreographers to Europe. With the support of the Asia-Europe Foundation, Dance Connect (2015) aimed to facilitate the mobility of Indian emerging choreographers within European institutions including residency and presentation formats.

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Karene Lyngholm reflects on the connections with India after the first EDN outreach:

Development of the AND+ network

Encounter Japan

At the 2017 TPAM meeting in Yokohama, a delegation of EDN members connected with their Asian peers. The eight EDN representatives attended a very rich programme of initiatives, participated in speed networking sessions with artists and professionals, developing new connections and dialogues, being introduced to representatives of Asian funding bodies and supportive organizations.

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Talk in Hong Kong

In May 2017, Walter Heun (Tanzquartier Wien, president of EDN) presented EDN during the Performers' Network Meeting and Forum. This meeting enabled EDN to stay connected with the early developments of the Asian Dance Network.

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TPAM 2018

“The Possibility of Dancehouse Network in Asia — Learning from the Activity of European Dancehouse Network (EDN)” that ON-PAM organized as a joint project of the previous edition of TPAM in February 2017 prompted the interests of a group of dance leaders from Asia to continue exploring the necessity and possibility of establishing similar dance network in Asia which eventually led to three meetings in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan respectively in May, November 2017 and Feb 2018. This public talk sahred the collective outcome of the three meetings, the structure, vision and missions of the proposed network and ways forward for launching the Dance in Asia network in 2018.

Encounter Hong Kong

By invitation of the West Kowloon Centre, four EDN members joined the 4th edition of the Producers' Network Meeting and Forum. It provided a new occasion for EDN to reconnect with AND+ since the Encounter in Japan in 2017.

At the occasion of the PNMF, the AND+ network was formally launched. Listen to network president Anna Chan talk about the aim of the Asian network.

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PAMS 2018

Europe was the region in focus for the Performing Arts Market Seoul (Korea) in 2018. A large delegation of European performing arts organisations took part in the visit, among which EDN.

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AND+ in Taiwan

From 4 to 11 November 2018, EDN joined AND+ in Taiwan for a talk at the newly opened National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying).

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Encounter Japan

In February 2020, EDN went back to TPAM to reconnect with AND+ and develop future activities. In the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, this exchange stressed the need for continued dialogue between networks.

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International Cooperation in Dance

During the Tanzplattform Deutschland, EDN hosted a panel together with AND+ and the European Commission to discuss internationalisation in the dance field, cultural policies and cultural exchange.

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