Who am I?

In December 2015, Dance Ireland hosted a 2-day Atelier providing time to explore how artistic identity is maintained in a nomadic life.

Participants discussed topics such as the professional dance practitioner informing by questions around identity, mobility and migration. The aim was to explore, from different perspectives, how the identity of the artists is constructed and maintained in a climate where mobility is necessary for the creative process and the professional practice.

Find the report of the Atelier here.

Keynotes, reflections and perspectives on "Who am I?"

The dense programme of Who am I? offered participants the possibility to think about their own mobility, their own practices and how to place those in a larger, European dimension of contemporary dance practice.

Watch here three lectures of the Atelier, by Guy Cools, Jennifer Roche and artistMeagan O'Shea.

Find here three reflections on this event from three different perspectives: