After nearly 7 years without a home, Dansehallerne is thrilled to be finally moving into the impressive historical building, Kedelhuset, in Carlsberg Byen this year. 

Once a boiler room for beer production, now respectfully renovated by Mikkelsen Architects, it will become Denmark's new monumental platform for dance and choreographic performing arts.

As the 4,600 m2 protected building with its tall chimneys takes shape, it promises to be a space where audiences can experience challenging, delightful, moving, and captivating dance and choreographic works.

You can enjoy a coffee in the beautiful space, bring your laptop for meetings with friends or colleagues.

The building will host professional artists training and rehearsing, technical teams rigging up for performances - a vibrant atmosphere with room for quiet moments as well. It will cater to both the professional dance community, and those curious to explore or utilize the space.

With a grand opening in late summer 2024, we'll celebrate that dance has gotten this new awe-inspiring facility. 

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