Dance artists and other performing arts professionals are invited to join a 3-day Atelier to explore different approaches to equity as an integral part of dance practices.

The Atelier is co-organised by Dansateliers Rotterdam and ICK Dans Amsterdam and takes place in Rotterdam on 17 - 18 May and in Amsterdam on 19 May during the Moving Futures festival.

Co-curated by dance artists Connor Schumacher, Jija Sohn and Aleksandra Lemm, and Christian Guerematchi, the Atelier focuses on sharing embodied practices and tools for working from a (more) equitable ground.

During the course of the three days, we will awaken our soft skills and explore tools for inviting and exercising equitability in the context and relation of our moving bodies before arriving into our own bodies and artistic choice-making. 

Atelier Program

17 May 2023 @Dansateliers, Rotterdam 12.00-18.00 CET Co-curated by Connor Schumacher

18 May 2023 @Dansateliers, Rotterdam 10.00-17.00 CET Co-curated by Jija Sohn and Aleksandra Lemm

19 May 2023 @ICK Dans, Amsterdam 10:00-17:00 CET Co-curated by Christian Guerematchi

Extend your stay

19 May 2023: opening of the Moving Futures Festival Amsterdam with performances by Emma Evelein & Remy Tilburg, Nick Deroo, and Shelfish/Veerle van Overloop

20 May 2023: international visitors program at CaDance Festival at Theater Korzo in The Hague

How to participate with EDN travel support?

EDN will reimburse travel expenses up to the maximum amount based on your travel distance (calculated here), 4 per diems at 30€ per day, book and cover four nights of accommodation for up to 7 participants.

Priority will be given to EDN members and their associates. The participation fee of 150€ will be invoiced to the participant or their dancehouse/organisation.

EDN members are invited to respond to the Travel Bursaries Open Call on behalf of their associated artists and other freelance professionals.

Please book your travel upon confirmation from the EDN office.

Local travel from Rotterdam to Amsterdam on 18 May is booked and covered by the organisers. Travel to The Hague on 20 May is supported by Korzo.

Tickets for performances are offered at discount price.

How to participate without EDN travel support?

You can join the Atelier without travel support. In this case you will need to book and cover travel and accommodation individually. Tickets for the Atelier will be sold on Dansateliers’ website soon.


Applications for EDN travel support are now closed.

You can still register to attend the Atelier without travel support.



If you have any questions, please get in touch with Christoph Bovermann at christoph@ednetwork.eu


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Rotterdam I Netherlands

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December 2015

ICK Dans Amsterdam / ICK Artist Space

Artistic director I Suzy Blok
Amsterdam I Netherlands

EDN member since
September 2013

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