Artistic practice

From the perspective of the dancehouses, it is important for EDN to engage with topics that are part of the artistic development of dancers and choreographers.

Reflections, materials, relation with surroundings, ecology and society - those are some of the themes that are inegrated in the artistic practices of dancers and choreographers.

In different occasions, EDN zoomed in on current practices.

Dance & Utopia

In this Atelier organised by STUK in December 2016, we examined how artists and more particularly choreographers, relate to the theme of Utopia today. What strategies do they employ in depicting a possible future together? Can embodied practices play a role in achieving that picture? And how can elements of participation and co-creation be used to further engage the public in this process?

Is it art IN public space or AS public space?
Is it really a new art form to approach reality?

Invited to imagine and practice Possible Futures, Steven Vandervelden, General and Artistic Director of the dancehouse, presented the community projects of STUK Leuven under the label Common Ground. This brought up the topic of art in public space from the perspective of dance and movement. Find more on this topic here.


Are we “ecological” in our artistically practice? How does an artist interact with his surrounding, while entering a foreigner place? Where is the point of interest during an artistic practice? - Alfredo Zinola, choreographer and performer

In April 2017, Dance Gate Lefkosia invited EDN members to engage with nature and ecological sites. In the preliminary workshop "Eco Art Incubator Cyprus - Sites Embodied" as well as in the Atelier Akamas - Nature Embodied, participants had the possibility to research ecological art methodologies as they pertain to a particular contested site located on the Akamas Peninsula.

Zooming in (c) DDRC Athens
The action of zooming in

In April 2019, Duncan Dance Centre in Athens offered the opportunity to dive into the artistic practices linking dance and crafts.

Moderator and dance dramaturge Guy Cools describes the material as an ‘interface’; through the action of doing, we connect to the other. - Annette van Zwoll

Artists from the performance arts, pedagogues and cultural workers were invited to explore, observe and experience a range of materials, techniques and methods of craft and to share and reflect on the insights that crafts can initiate through a series of workshops and lectures/performances. Find out more about Zooming in.