Dance & Audience

EDN members share know-how and best practices on how to engage with, communicate to and include various and diverse audiences

Working with different audiences

In its 2017-2021 action plan, EDN has taken as a core mission to enhance public engagement. To that end, EDN investigates how best to cultivate new synergies and partnerships across disciplines and sectors to achieve a more inclusive and wide-ranging engagement.

In the years to come, EDN focuses on the following actions:

  • Share and combine data, experiences, best practices for reaching and encouraging new audiences
  • Identify and share tools to seek new approaches that encourage greater access to dance for citizens
  • Extend the reach of the dancehouses’ work to other related sectors and disciplines
  • Pro-actively encourage cooperation projects within and outside of the network that target specific communities of interest.

Communicating with audiences

This is however not a new area of work for EDN: from the start of the network, members have shared their know-how on their work with various audiences.

Several projects have taken place to develop and implement communication strategies in an inclusive way.

Interested about best practices? Find out more here.

Young audiences

A larger area of work amongst EDN members takes place on the topic of young audiences. For whom? Why? How to address this target group?

EDN members are currently working together to share more knowledge on this point. More information here.

A reflection on Audience Engagement policies

Building Sustainable Relations (With Citizens)

In June 2020, The Place was planning to host an EDN Forum as an accumulation of all the Ateliers on Audience Engagement held in the past years of EDN. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this gathering had to be postponed to 2021 and will take place in another format.

Nonetheless, EDN published online publication "Dance, Audience & Society: Visions on Building Sustainable Relations With Citizens", sharing the vision, questions, best practices and personal quests of different network members. The articles stress a more complete and inclusive connection with local, national and international citizens, what has become even more essential in times of social distancing due to Covid-19. You can find publication "Dance, Audience & Society" here.