Dancers and choreographers are key to the work carried out by EDN - in projects, initiatives or singular activities. As dancehouses work with and for artists, so does the network

EDN has developed an important body of work on topics related to artists and their practice(s).

Here you can find an overview of themes that have been recurring in the activities of EDN in the last 10 years.

Artists in the context of EDN


Vocational training and different teaching methods were taken under the loop at the Atelier "New Approaches to Dance Training" organised by Dance Ireland in 2018. What is formal training for contemporary dance nowadays? What other methods exist? Take a look through different teachings.

Artistic Practice

Reflections, materials, relation with surroundings, ecology and society - those are some of the themes that are inegrated in the artistic practices of dancers and choreographers. In different occasions, EDN zoomed in on current practices, ranging from art in public space to the intimate work with materials and crafts.

Artistic Research

EDN members are looking into the field of artistic research related to contemporary dance. An example of research was the Atelier "Archives to come" organised at Tanzquartier Wien in 2016.


Dramaturgy is a viable tool for contextualizing an environment, a context or a program. It is however a topic that has yet to be further developed in the context of EDN. In 2019-2020, some new initiatives are tackling this domain - find out here which ones.

Peer learning

Artists rarely have the occasion to travel to festivals in which they are not performing, just for the sake of discovering others' work, reflecting on performances and increasing their professional network. Through the expansion of EDN's initiative Carte Blanche to artists, this opportunity for peer learning and networking is now available to artists. Curious to know how this work concretely? Check this page.